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Billy Tackett Splatter Art

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Billy Tackett was one of the first artists we collaborated with when we were a fledgling T-shirt company. Back then Billy was doing zombie artwork and was one of the architects of the “zombie mash-up” craze that swept the pop culture landscape. We have worked closely with Billy and his wife Heather over the last few years, and have never been disappointed with any of the commissions or original illustrations he has presented us.

We had an opportunity to spend New Year’s eve with the Tacketts and chronicle a new piece Billy created using his experimental “splatter’ technique. They call it “Pollock with a purpose” and it is quite a departure from his oil paintings.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the song we chose for the footage. It is one of my favorite recorded tracks from a very talented songwriter named Jeff Keeran and is performed by his band, Spike and Mallets. We are thankful to Jeff for recording such a beautifully haunting song, and for allowing us to use it in the video.

And, as always, special thanks goes out to our post production supervisor, Larry Fish. He’s a good man in a tight corner.

Check out the video below:

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